Our Process

We will work as a team to build your website. Good communication is key, which is why I like to have our first meeting in-person if possible.

Information-gathering meeting

In our initial meeting, we will discuss several things:

  1. What your goal is for your website,
  2. Who your audience is,
  3. Which pages should be in your website's navigation menu,
  4. Your site content, and
  5. Any ideas you have about the design of your website.

As a followup, I will send a document over detailing what we discussed, along with an approximate timeline for completion.

Wire-frame proposal

Next, I will send you a schematic drawing of how the major elements on your website will be placed. Working on a wireframe at this early stage will allow us to explore alternatives and reduce the amount of time required to come to a final design.

Review prototype

Once we have agreed on a design, I will build the website and send it to you for review. It might take a couple of passes to get everything just right.

Site launch

After your website is complete, it will be hosted in the cloud for high-availability.